Outfit of the Day: January 21, 2024

Maria Confer wearing an après ski outfit with a Perfect Moment wool ski sweater and Obermeyer Jinks ski pants with J.Crew nordic boots

I went skiing for the first time in 19 years!!!! I won’t pretend I wasn’t nervous. I truly thought I had forgotten how to ski and now that I have a higher risk of fractures (thanks cancer), thought skiing was in my past. But with my husband's love of the sport and my 10 yr old son trying it for the first time, I felt motivated to give it another go. I took it very slow and will probably continue to do so while I regain my confidence but I’m so glad I tried. I forgot how much I love the thrill of skiing ⛷️

Maria Confer skiing at Mt. Brighton Ski Resort Epic Pass

This was also a much needed endorphin boost after my month of illness. I like to move my body and feel strong and nothing puts me in the doldrums more than being stuck in bed. So with these small slopes only 35 mins away we bought season passes and now we have a way to cope with the winter blues!!

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