Outfit of the Day: June 26

Last week was mostly occupied with getting everything ready before my first adjuvant breast cancer Zometa IV treatment on Thursday. And I'm so glad I spent the time prepping because I was stuck in bed for 48 hrs post treatment with what felt like a watered-down version of post chemo side effects: flu-like symptoms, body aches, joint pain, intense headaches, and a cough. Thankfully today I am feeling almost back to "normal." The Zometa IV treatment is meant to prevent osteoporosis and bone fractures now that I'm in menopause after my total hysterectomy and has the added benefit of stopping cancer from spreading to my bones. I will be doing the treatments every six months for two-three years. 

Fleur Sauvage founder, Maria Confer wearing the Lily of the Valley silk scarf
Lots of Fleur Sauvage business to get accomplished after recovering from my Zometa treatment.
Chanel earrings
Old dress worn as a shirt
Fleur Sauvage Lily of the Valley silk scarf
Target ribbed t-shirt
Madewell white wide leg jeans (similar)
Stubbs and Wooton mules (similar)
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